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Kettlebell Partner Passing strengthens individuals and relationships by playing catch with a kettlebell, which quickly and safely allows partners to enter a state of flow together. KPP uses the kettlebell as a delivery method of deeper meaning around connection, communication, and cooperation. The aim of KPP is to develop mental and spiritual connection with ourselves and our partner in the present moment. 

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  Providing a low-tech solution to developing more meaningful connection with others.



Working together forges stronger individuals and mutually beneficial relationships.



KPP optimizes growth beyond the individual to build healthy, synergistic communities.


Michael Castrogiovanni is the Founder of Kettlebell Partner Passing. He has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, and over 20 years of kettlebell coaching experience. 


Mike Visscher was the first certified KPP Instructor in 2018. He has been a kettlebell coach for 15 years. 


Brittany van Schravendijk has been a part of KPP since 2020, as a participant and as the Website and Social Media Manager. Brittany became a certified KPP Instructor in 2022. She has been coaching kettlebells for over 10 years. Her kettlebell background began in Kettlebell Sport, where she competed at a high level for six years before burning out and looking for a new direction, which she found in Kettlebell Partner Passing. 

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If you feel inspired by our message or you have benefitted from KPP and would like to make a contribution, it would be greatly appreciated.

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