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365 Pushup Challenge

  • 365Days
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Make a commitment to yourself! This challenge requires a commitment of a full year (365 days). There are no rest days, but the way the program is structured is safe, progressive and effective. Develop tremendous strength and a powerful, aesthetically pleasing physique using this simple, effective program. Build discipline and the ability to commit to a daily practice. The benefits of the 365 Day Pushup Challenge will extend well beyond the physical body into other areas of your life! Benefits of the 365 Day Pushup Challenge include: - Strengthen upper body - Improve core stabilization - Commit to a daily practice - Upgrade pushup quality - Increase number of pushups - Build a habit of daily movement - Establish trust and faithfulness with yourself The 365 Day Pushup Challenge encompasses: - Daily reminders to complete pushups - Motivation, technique, and tips to set you up for success - Tests and media uploads to track progress - Accountability - Community support group The 365 Day Pushup Challenge will reshape your pushup and maybe even your life! One woman went from not being able to do a single pushup to being able to do multiple sets of multiple reps of full pushups by the end of the year. Guys love the challenge because it builds their upper body and gals love the challenge because it makes their shoulders, arms and midsection more toned. Take the challenge and see if you have what it takes to make it the full year!




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