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The 7 Moves to Master for Health and Vitality is a great place to begin your health, fitness and wellness journey. This ebook is the first step to building a rock solid foundation for KPP (or any other physical endeavor!). With this ebook, you can build health and vitality without the need for a gym or equipment.


This ebook is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels and includes 7 bodyweight movements that will strengthen your entire body and enhance your vitality. The exercises in the ebook can be used to get in shape and lay a foundation for KPP, and they can also be used to maintain and improve fitness for a more enjoyable life.


In this ebook, you will learn to:

  • Contract and stabilize your core
  • Activate your glutes and hamstrings 
  • Strengthen your inner and outer thighs
  • Connect your torso and lower body 
  • Build balance and stability 
  • Tone and shape your arms
  • Improve your posture

This ebook is a must for your bodyweight fitness library, stay tuned for the challenge that accompanies this ebook. Soon to come!

7 Moves to Master for Health and Vitality Ebook

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