The KPP Solo program is an introduction to kettlebell training that makes you more athletic and prepares you to pass kettlebells with a partner. There are forces your body must be able to generate and positions you need to be strong in to prevent injury and pass safely. Learning to absorb forces from unpredictable angles helps bulletproof your body and teaches you to receive passes. KPP Solo prepares the body to handle the unknown by training in stances and ranges of motion that come into play on the journey from two hand passing to KPP freestyle and beyond. Whether your goal is to get fitter and stronger with kettlebells or become a better partner for KPP… KPP Solo helps you achieve both. The beauty of KPP Solo is that you can improve your passing skills without a partner! 


Who is KPP Solo for? 

  • Anyone who has never used kettlebells and wants to learn to use them safely, lose body fat and get strong, and have fun doing it. 
  • Anyone who has limited time to train and wants to take action on improving their health and strength level. 
  • Anyone who loves kettlebells but feels stagnant in their current routine, and wants excitement and variability in their training. 
  • Anyone who wants to get into a state of flow with the kettlebell, and be more well-rounded and athletic. 
  • Anyone who has attended a KPP workshop and wants to maintain or improve their KPP skills without a partner. 
  • Anyone pursuing athletic endeavors who needs a cross-training modality that will improve strength, power, coordination, and footwork. 


What are the benefits of KPP Solo? 

  • Enhance self-awareness and foster a deeper connection with others.
  • Increase athleticism using rotational power exercises and footwork. 
  • Build usable total body strength.
  • Burn more calories and increase muscle mass by training the largest muscle groups in the body.
  • Train in a well-rounded manner that enhances health and longevity and reduces injury risk. 
  • Improve coordination, balance, and kettlebell handling skills. 
  • Become a safe and effective partner for KPP. 


What's included in the KPP Solo ebook:

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step photographs for each exercise with technique breakdowns and coaching cues.
  • Linked index to exercises and linked exercises to index for easy navigation to find what you are looking for fast!
  • List of KPP stances, which are foundational to lifting, partner passing, and KPP freestyle.
  • Uncommon variations of lower body strength exercises that train the glutes, hamstrings, and core in unique ways and prepare your body for the unpredictable. 
  • Exercises that build athleticism through rotational power and footwork.
  • Introductory progressions for moving and flowing with kettlebells. 
  • Beginner juggling and passing drills.
  • Guidelines on warming up, working out, cooling down, and recovering from training.
  • 8-week training program.
  • One free sample video from the KPP Solo video library (the full library will be available for purchase in the future). 
  • Answers to FAQ about KPP and KPP Solo.


KPP Solo ebook

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