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KPP: The Air Force of Kettlebell Training

I am honored to call Michael a friend. I have seen some of the inspirational origins of his passing system and have now taught with him at KPP workshops. I have witnessed the reactions of so many people who pass for the first time, and their impressions about KPP echo the feelings I had when I started.

I am grateful to everyone that has followed me into KPP. People are often apprehensive about dropping a KB, and the basic forms don’t appear impressive from a distance; but I persist in “recruiting” people because I have seen reactions that only happen after passing in person. This in-person quality is built into KPP. This is a practice that is truly best appreciated by doing; and here begin your lessons, if you listen. I heard again this weekend that people were struck with feeling the “unspoken conversation” that occurs as you tune acutely into a flow state with a partner. This is about energy transfer and can be felt with every pass. Michael describes passes as either “here you go” or like “take it.” A “here you go” pass is a gift. My intention is about you. A “take it” pass thrown “at” you; I’m not fully taking ownership of it and the energy transfer ends sooner. As you pass more, the two become easier to distinguish.

Within the conversation of this wordless language that is exchanged, you learn discernment. What’s special about this system is that we immediately get in return what we deliver, quite literally. If I pass with a lot of velocity, the elastic action of my partner’s body will reflect that back to me, and if I pass a little slow, my partner must work harder and it’s likely that it will minimally make it back to me. We get a continuous serving of instant feedback.

These concepts of discernment and of getting back what you produce are two of many ways that passing can teach about life. A pass can be a metaphor for an action or for a word that’s spoken. Everyone around us can be mirrors if we choose to look. You aren’t told that you’ll learn these lessons or that you’re supposed to, and that’s what makes the system beautiful. They’re there for you to find if you choose to see. The person across from you deserves it and you have to walk the unspoken “talk.”

Physiologically, KPP is a further reach into the universe of Unorthodox. It is not without risk. Yes, we are throwing kettlebells in the air; but this system has been refined over years and if you adhere to the rules, it will make you very strong and it’ll feel like a game the whole time.

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