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5 Fascinating Fitness Facts

We all know that exercise is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy body and mind. But did you know that strength training in particular is an incredible way to improve physical fitness, stave off disease, live longer, stay young, and get the most out of working out? Read more below for five fascinating fitness facts, backed up by science!

1. A little goes a long way! Did you know you don’t have to work out for hours to receive the benefits of exercise? Even 10 minutes a day can make a significant difference in health and physical fitness!

mama baby fitness

2. Pushups push away disease. The ability to do 40 or more pushups may significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. If you want to get started with a pushup training plan that is simple and effective, check out the 365 Day Pushup Challenge!

push up plank

3. Strong people last longer. People with more muscle are 50% more likely to outlive their lower strength peers. Grip strength in particular is an indicator of longevity, as it demonstrates the ability to live independently as we age. Strong hands make for a strong, enduring body!

grip strength

4. Reverse the aging process with resistance training. Participants in this study had a reversal of the gene expression in 179 genes associated with age and exercise after six months of resistance training. This means that resistance training was not only slowing, but reversing the aging process in their genes.

reverse the aging process

5. Kettlebells give more bang for your buck! Kettlebell training can increase core strength by 70%, in addition to improving strength, aerobic capacity, and balance. This has positive implications for longevity, as greater core strength is correlated to less back pain and better balance decreases the risk of falling.

kettlebells build muscle

Ready to start strength training with kettlebells? Get our free ebook, Kettlebell Basics for Beginners, or check out the Kettlebell Solo training program!

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2 comentários

Eddie McGuire
Eddie McGuire
22 de jun. de 2021

Very motivating. I will share with friends and family who sit on their rumpkins most of the day:)

Kettlebell Partner Passing
Kettlebell Partner Passing
23 de jun. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thanks Eddie! I trust they will appreciate it and get off there rumps!

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