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The KPP Hour Test

The Kettlebell Partner Passing Hour Test is 60 minutes of continuous passing with a partner: no stopping, no dropping the kettlebell. KPP Instructors are required to complete the Hour Test as part of the certification process. That being said, anyone can take on the challenge if they are crazy enough and wish to experience what the Hour Test has to offer.

Who is Present for the Hour Test?

During the Hour Test, two people partner up to complete the hour of passing. There is a timekeeper to ensure their duration of time is exactly 60 minutes. If it is an official test for certification, there is also a witness present to sign the certificate of completion. There must be video footage of the full hour for verification purposes.

What Weight Kettlebell is Used?

The standard weight kettlebell used for the Hour Test is 24kg (53 lbs) for men and 16kg (35 lbs) for women. Chalk and belts are not allowed during the test. Shoes are optional.

Why the Hour Test?

One hour was chosen as the time for the test because most people at a regular level of fitness would be unable to step in and do it unprepared. The idea is that an individual must be well trained in KPP, physically and psychologically, in order to complete the test. The Hour Test requires a deep level of commitment, the willingness to prepare, and is a rite of passage that yields many life lessons beyond the experience.

The Hour Test Requires Proficiency in Five Areas:

  1. Toughness and sensitivity of the hands: the toughness to handle the kettlebell for an hour without tearing the skin, and the sensitivity to make adjustments as needed.

  2. Musculoskeletal endurance of the entire body to safely withstand the forces of the kettlebell being caught and thrown.

  3. Cardiovascular fitness to endure the continuous hour of passing a kettlebell with no rest.

  4. Mental fortitude to handle the psychological challenges that present themselves along the way when the going gets tough.

  5. Willingness to connect deeply, as passing the test is a cooperative effort and can only be achieved if both partners are willing to work through difficulties together.

See KPP Instructor Brittany van Schravendijk's full Hour Test in the video above!


Whether or not the Hour Test is a challenge you want to take on, start your Kettlebell Partner Passing journey today by joining the Kettlebell Solo Foundations program and signing up for a workshop.

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