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Why We Double High Five

If you’ve watched a video of Kettlebell Partner Passing, you've noticed there are a whole lot of double high fives going on. (If you haven’t… click here!) The high fives are not merely happenstance; anyone who has taken a KPP workshop knows that high fives are deeply integral to the system of KPP. A set is deemed complete only when it is finished with a double high five at the end. While the supportive sentiment behind a high five is common knowledge, let’s delve deeper into why high fives are so crucial to the heart and soul of KPP.

While KPP is a great way to train your body, KPP as a system is first and foremost about connection and communication. Tossing a kettlebell back and forth with another person is not just a flashy physical feat; at its core, passing with a partner is a true test of trust, cooperation, and self-awareness... not to mention the ability to be vulnerable and face fears together. Throwing a kettlebell at your partner can bring up fear of messing up, hurting your partner, and not meeting expectations. Receiving a kettlebell from your partner can bring up fear of dropping the bell or getting hurt. These fears can be reflections of deeply rooted (and very common) insecurities around weakness, inadequacy, failure, and lack of trust in self or others. There’s a lot more going on during this partner passing thing than one would imagine, isn’t there?! 

All that is to say that passing kettlebells with a partner can be intense. Partners form a bond that extends beyond the physical and builds trust and connection in a unique manner. A set of passing has an invigorating effect on both partners and the double high five is a way to solidify the connection between the two individuals and ground the energy. When passing is done and the bell is back on the ground, it’s time to recenter and close out the set. The double high five discharges any fear and other emotional responses that may have come up during the set, and celebrates the completion of a common goal. The double high five is a symbol of everything that KPP stands for: love, connection, support, cooperation, and community. 

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