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The Gems of Wisdom Illuminated by KPP

While the physical benefits of Kettlebell Partner Passing (KPP) are a welcome byproduct, the ultimate aim of KPP is to achieve a state of flow that connects you more deeply to yourself and your partner, and brings both partners fully into the present moment. While from an outside perspective throwing a kettlebell seems straightforward (albeit scary), the intricacies involved illuminate important gems of wisdom about living fully and establishing healthy, harmonious relationships that have a ripple effect into the rest of your life.

Partners Prepare with Solo Practice

Prior to attempting Kettlebell Partner Passing, it’s essential for each partner to spend time on a personal practice that develops the skills required to achieve success in partnership. First of all, each partner must fine tune their kettlebell skills so they can swing safely and toss accurately. Secondly, and on a deeper level, each partner learns through time spent alone how to tune into a flow state and be present. Just like increased time under tension more deeply affects muscles, more time spent cultivating presence deeply affects a person’s ability to be present. Once each partner becomes strong — physically and mentally — they are prepared to share in the lessons that are available through KPP.

Learn to Direct Presence

The heightened emotional experience of excitement, fear, and anticipation brought on by KPP brings each partner fully into the present moment. The KPP three count protocol, when followed to a T, ensures each partner is fully present before the kettlebell is passed between them — this is both a safety protocol and a way to command each person’s focus. By following the three count protocol and entering into the flow of passing kettlebells, each partner learns to channel their focused attention to the task at hand. Once the skill of being present has been acquired through Kettlebell Solo and KPP, each person can choose to direct that presence at will in other areas of their life, instead of being pulled in different directions by various stressors, social media, phones, news, etc.

Experience Life & Relationships More Fully

Kettlebell Partner Passing can be used as a powerful tool to experience life more fully and deeply. Through acquiring the skills of inhabiting presence and directing focused attention, we are able to experience the moment, which is where life truly happens. While there is value in reflection and forecasting, vacillating between the two can cause the moment to be skipped over altogether. Kettlebell Partner Passing is a delivery method of deeper meaning around relationship, communication, and cooperation that develops you in partnership in a way that’s unavailable to you on your own. KPP builds synergistic, mutually beneficial relationships — not just in passing partnerships, but relationships outside of KPP as well.

Kettlebell Partner Passing offers myriad opportunities to learn the gems of wisdom that are hidden within the intricacies of passing kettlebells. The lessons learned from KPP are dependent upon each individual and set of partners; where each partner starts, what their needs are, what lessons are most important for them to learn, how capable they are of being present, and whether or not they have done their solo work all affect what is available to be gained from practicing Kettlebell Partner Passing. One thing is certain: when passing kettlebells is practiced consistently over time, the health of each person’s mind, body, spirit, and relationships will improve in ways that are unexpected and immeasurable.

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