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The Physical & Psychological Profits of KPP

What if I told you that by investing time into passing kettlebells with a partner, you would profit from numerous improvements, both physical and psychological? Would you be willing to give it a go?

Kettlebell Partner Passing is a unique system of kettlebell training that develops the ability to enter into a flow state with a partner and improve communication, cooperation, and connection. By passing a kettlebell back and forth, both partners develop their physical capabilities while simultaneously expanding their ability to be present and connect with others.

The main aim of Kettlebell Partner Passing is to enter a state of mutual flow and thereby learn lessons about communication, cooperation, and connection through an integrated, moment-to-moment experience with a partner. In addition to the capacity for strength building, KPP is a journey to greater depths in life and relationships that yields many psychological profits. From reading a partner’s body language to increasing presence to building trust, KPP is a way to grow stronger in relationship with one another than could be achieved alone.

Psychological Profits of KPP

1. Learn to read partner's body language and energy of the bell to make split-second decisions while passing

2. Increase presence and awareness through cooperation that is seldom experienced in day to day life

3. Build trust, connection and focus between partners

4. Experience, sustain, and build familiarity with the flow state

5. Develop individuals, partnerships, and groups by creating a synergistic environment that helps participants grow stronger together in a way that could not be achieved alone

While the physical benefits of Kettlebell Partner Passing are not the main aim of passing, they are a welcome byproduct of the practice. The training effects of KPP are similar to those experienced by conventional kettlebell training in that they improve strength, grip, and general fitness. However, KPP enhances conventional kettlebell training by improving hand-eye and total body coordination, increasing athleticism, building freakishly functional grip strength, and training the ability to root and uproot at a moment’s notice. During KPP, there are many unexpected variables that provide a stimulus impossible to recreate while training alone — and it’s these unexpected variables that offer the most important physical benefits that come from passing kettlebells.

Physical Profits of KPP

1. Strength

2. Hand-eye coordination

3. Enhanced athleticism

4. Ability to root and uproot at a moment's notice

5. Powerful and coordinated feet, legs, torso, and arms

6. Freakishly functional grip strength in the wrists, hands, fingers, and forearms

Success in Kettlebell Partner Passing is dependent upon a solid foundation of physical and psychological development of the self, which comes from having a consistent personal practice. Start your KPP journey today by beginning your personal practice with the Kettlebell Solo Foundations online program.

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