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Who is Kettlebell Partner Passing for?

Kettlebell Partner Passing is for anyone who wants to build strength, awareness, and a deeper connection with self and others. While KPP may seem like an advanced skill, the most important prerequisites are a solid kettlebell swing and a willingness to learn.

Kettlebell Partner Passing is performed when two individuals pass a kettlebell back and forth. The kettlebell is swung by one person, caught by the other, then passed back. This continues for a minute or two (or many minutes!), and can bring the pair into a deeply connected flow state. The skill level required to participate in KPP is moderate, and can be acquired by most able-bodied individuals who have been cleared by a doctor.

Everyone can benefit from the fundamental principles of connection, communication, and cooperation that Kettlebell Partner Passing is based on. KPP is a system of communication that develops individuals who are better able to connect with themselves, their environment, and the people around them. While there is a learning curve to KPP, with the proper progression it can easily be achieved by most people.

The proper progression for KPP begins with the Kettlebell Basics for Beginners ebook, which teaches the user to strengthen and prepare their body using basic kettlebell movements. From there, the KPP fitness journey continues to prepare you — physically and mentally — to begin Kettlebell Partner Passing.

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