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The Kettlebell Partner Passing® Path to Follow

There is much more to KPP than passing kettlebells. The KPP system is about connection, cooperation, and community. We teach people to learn about their body, lift kettlebells, cultivate a personal practice, and build community with others through training and/or passing. In order to begin the KPP journey, it's important to know where to start. There are many routes you can take using the ebooks, training programs, and challenges offered through KPP. The path outlined below is what's recommended for anyone new to the KPP system.

The Recommended Path to Follow for KPP

1. When embarking on the KPP fitness journey, first you need to get familiar with the kettlebell, our strength training tool of choice. Start with the Kettlebell Basics for Beginners ebook, a free resource that teaches you the six basic kettlebell movements necessary to build a foundation of strength. We also recommend joining the accompanying Kettlebell Basics 4-week program, which includes three workouts a week and helps you stay accountable to your kettlebell practice using the KPP app.

2. With the knowledge you gain from Kettlebell Basics for Beginners, you are ready to cultivate a deeper and broader personal practice with the Kettlebell Solo Foundations program. Kettlebell Solo Foundations builds strength and athleticism with kettlebells, and is also the best way to prepare your body for Kettlebell Partner Passing.

3 & 4. Once you’ve completed the Kettlebell Solo Foundations ebook, you can advance your personal practice with the Intermediate and Advanced levels of Kettlebell Solo.

5. Upon completion of one or more of the Kettlebell Solo programs, you have a strong base from which you can learn to pass kettlebells with a partner.

6. Juggling is another advanced Solo skill to explore after completing the Kettlebell Solo programs, which can be a path all on its own or a supplement to your Kettlebell Partner Passing practice.

6 & 7. The KPP Coach and Instructor education programs are for those looking to coach others or teach KPP workshops.

Additional KPP Programs for Health & Fitness

There are additional KPP programs that can fit in between or alongside the programs outlined in the recommended path above.

- The 7 Moves to Master for Health and Vitality ebook is an introduction to bodyweight training.

- The KPP Kore ebook is great for anyone looking to strengthen their core and reduce lower back pain and stiffness. We recommend everyone do this program at some point in their KPP journey.

- The KPP Pushup Program and accompanying 365-day challenge are excellent for those looking to get better at pushups, improve upper body strength, and challenge their mental tenacity.

- The Silverback and Silverbella programs are for the aging population. This program is designed for people age 60+ who want to maintain an active, independent lifestyle.


Need help determining the right path to follow through the KPP system? Contact us with any questions.

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